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WinSCP is a free Desktop Application for Windows which allows to manage remote files for a wide variety of protocols including S3 compatible Object Storage.

Please follow the installation instruction like described on WinSCP

All you will need is:

  • access_key
  • secret_key
  • Contabo's S3 URL

For access_key, secret_key and the S3 URL please check here.

Configuration for Contabo's S3 compatible Object Storage

Example values


  1. Create a new login via Session -> New Session, possibly it shown right away and should look like the following screenshot settings
  2. Choose Amazon S3 as file protocol
  3. Specify settings, see screenshot
    • in field Host name put (depending your Object Storage). NOTE: please make sure to enter without https://
    • in field Access key ID put your access_key, e.g. 82046e8110804a43bf29c1ae426a724d
    • in field Secret access Key put your secret_key, e.g. 82e69bd7a52076c527154297a76c2233
  4. Click on Advanced and choose Advanced. The following screen should appear advanced
  5. Choose Path as URL style
  6. Click OK
  7. Click Save
  8. Click Login and you are done and have access to your Object Storage