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Virtualmin is a Open Source web hosting control panel for Linux and BSD systems. Backups of Virtualmin can stored to Contabo's Object Storage.

Please follow the installation instruction like described on Virtualmin.

Required data

  • access_key
  • secret_key
  • Contabo's S3 URL
  • your bucket name

For access_key, secret_key and the S3 URL please check here.

Example data

  • access_key = 82046e8110804a43bf29c1ae426a724d
  • secret_key = 82e69bd7a52076c527154297a76c2233
  • S3 URL =
  • bucket name = virtualmin


Please follow the steps in order to use Contabo's Object Storage as backup storage for Vitualmin:

  1. Select Cloud Storage Providers under Virtualmin -> Backup and Restore. You should see something like Virtualmin Cloud Storage Providers
  2. Click on Amazon S3. You should see the configuration page, see screenshot Virtualmin S3 Config
  3. Do the following settings:
    • For Default S3 login choose Entered below ...
    • Access key = 82046e8110804a43bf29c1ae426a724d
    • Secret Key = 82e69bd7a52076c527154297a76c2233
    • For S3-compatible server hostname specify by not choosing Use Amazon S3
  4. Click Save
  5. Either via Backup Virtual Server (=manual Backup) or via Scheduled Backups (=automated backups) you will be able to see Destination and format like in follwing screenshot Virtualmin Destination Backup
  6. Specify following values:
    • Backup destinations = Amazon S3 bucket
    • Bucket and path = virtualmin/backups
  7. Click Backup now or Create Schedule depending of you are coming from manual or automated backups