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Using BucketAnywhere is a Android App which allows to access S3 Object Storage on your cell phone.

Here the way to mount a bucket which is not reboot safe is shown. All you will need is:

  • access_key
  • secret_key
  • Contabo's S3 URL
  • your bucket name
  • folder (mount point) where you want make your bucket contents available

For access_key, secret_key and the S3 URL please check here.

Example data


  1. Start BucketAnywhere. It should show the following screen bucketanywhere-start
  2. Click on Add. The following screen should appear bucketanywhere-settings
  3. Please specify the following values
    • For S3 URL please specify the S3 URL, e.g.
    • For KeyId please speify he access_key , e.g. 82046e8110804a43bf29c1ae426a724d
    • For SecretKey please speify he secret_key , e.g. 82e69bd7a52076c527154297a76c2233
    • For Bucket please specify your bucket name, e.g. foo
  4. Click Save
  5. Click Connect then you should see the files.