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aws cli

aws cli is a free tool from Amazon supporting also S3 compatible Object Storage. It covers most all aspects of S3 API management and supports Windows, MacOS, Linux. For buying, managing and canceling Contabo's S3 Object Storage please refer to cntb or Contabo API.

Please follow the installation instruction like described on aws cli

All you will need is:

  • access_key
  • secret_key
  • Contabo's S3 URL

For access_key, secret_key and the S3 URL please check here.

Configuration for Contabo's S3 compatible Object Storage

Example values


  1. run aws configure --profile eu2 (you may choose any profile name)
  2. specify your access_key, e.g. 82046e8110804a43bf29c1ae426a724d for AWS Access Key ID
  3. specify your secret_key, e.g. 82e69bd7a52076c527154297a76c2233 for AWS Secret Access Key
  4. press return to skip Default region name
  5. press return to skip Default output format

aws cli config


Sample Usage

# Lists your buckets
aws --profile eu2 --region default --endpoint-url s3 ls
# invoke s3api directly
aws --profile eu2 --region default --endpoint-url s3api get-bucket-policy --bucket test