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How can I create a new private network?

To create a new private network, the following steps need to be followed:

  • Log into your Contabo customer panel.
  • Open the menu "Private Networking." You see a list of all of your private networks (if existing).
  • Click the button 'Create new Private Network'. The following menu appears:

Create Private Network 1

  • First, select a data center region from the drop down menu. Note that only servers stored in the same data center region can be assinged to the same private network. After your selection, the list will update and show you all available servers in the selected region.
  • Then, select those instances you want to add to the private network. Multiselect is possible, also a select all option is available. You can add up to 1022 servers to a private network. If you need a larger network size, please contact our support.
  • Confirm your settings by hitting the button "Continue." You will be leaded to the following menu:

Create Private Network 2

  • Select a name for your private network. The name can contain up to 250 characters and must be unique for all private networks in the selected data center.
  • Optional: Take a description for the private network. This might help with future comprehensions.
  • Confirm the settings by hitting 'Confirm'
  • The private network gets created and appears in the overview of all your active private networks.
  • NOTE: The affiliation of the added instances will begin only after a reinstallation or restart of the corresponding server (see here )