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What is S3 compatible Object Storage?

Simple Storage Service (S3) Object Storage is a scalable storage service. This kind of service was introduced by Amazon AWS in 2006. Since then S3 compatible Object Storage is the defacto standard for Object Storage. It provides a high level of durability and high availability. Data can be accessed from anywhere via regular Internet connection. S3 Object Storage can be accessed via it's API or by a wide variaty of tools. Please refer to Tools.

S3 compatible Object Storage storage provides the following key features:

  • Buckets: data is stored in buckets. Each bucket can store so called objects, i.e. files and folders.
  • Scalability: there are virtually no storage limits. Individual objects can be up to 5TB in size.
  • Sharing: Share objects with selected persons or publicly with everyone via Internet.
  • Metadata-Support: Each object is identified by an unique key and metadata can be used for more organizational control.
  • S3 compatible API: supports S3 compatible APIs so that you can rely on huge number of existing tools. Please refer to Tools.

S3 Compatibility

The Contabo Object Storage is based on Ceph. It is not fully compatible with AWS S3 API. E.g. logging is not supported. For the very most use cases you shouldn't notice any difference.