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Manual Increase of Storage Capacity

When purchasing Object Storage its capacity needs to be specified during the order process. However, this storage space can be expanded at a later date.

How can I increase the capacity of my Storage?

To increase the capacity of the storage:

  • Log into your Object Storage Panel
  • Open the tab 'Storage Settings' (see also in image above)
  • Select a storage, go to 'more' and click on 'Add more GB'. The following menu appears:

    Manual Scale Settings

In the menu you can set the amount of capacity you want your storage to increse in steps of 250GB. After confirming the setting by hitting the 'Add & Pay' button the increased capacity is available to use.

Where can I find more Product and Pricing Information about adding capacity to my Storage?

For general product and pricing information please see here.

How can I add more space to my Storage automatically?

By activating the Auto-Scaling feature the capacity of your storage increases automatically up to a preselected limit (in TB) as soon as the initially purchased limit is reached. You find more information about the Auto-Scaling feature here.