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No Access

No access to Object Storage or Buckets

Possible other questions:

  • Why can't I see my buckets?
  • Why do I get the message We are unable to perform the request. Please retry or contact the support. in Contabo's Object Storage Panel?
  • Why can't I create buckets?

How to check if you are affected

You can easily check if you are affected by blacklisting.

# if you get an error response or 100% packet loss then you are getting blocked
# if you don't get back `{"message":"Unauthorized"}` then you are getting blocked


Blacklisted Object Storage URL

The most frequent cause for that problem is that the Object Storage URLs like are being blacklisted as some users upload viruses of phishing content there. Even though they are blocked / banned very fast the URL might reach blacklists.

Please ensure that the URLs are not blacklisted on your:

  • internet security software
  • (home) router