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This section describes billing rules in Contabo.

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Currency & Payment Method

Available Currencies & Payment Methods

  • EUR (€)

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal Manual Payments
    • PayPal Automated Payments
    • Skrill
    • Bank Transfer
    • Direct Debit (for qualifying customers)
  • USD ($)

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal Manual Payments
    • PayPal Automated Payments
  • GBP (£)

    • Credit Card
    • PayPal Manual Payments
    • PayPal Automated Payments

We do not accept payments in cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin.

Basic Rules

  • Customers can choose currency independent of their location or location of their servers.
  • Each customer account can only have 1 currency.
  • All payments from a customer need to be sent in the currency of the customer account. If a payment is sent in a currency that does not match the currency on the customer account, it will not be accepted and will be refunded to the payer.
  • The currency is fixed by the first order and cannot be changed. A customer may create a new account with a different currency and ask to transfer subscriptions. Subscriptions prices will be changed to the new currency. An administration fee applies.

Changing Currency of a Customer Account

  • Changing currency of a customer account can be requested by contacting customer support.
  • A new customer account (the "new account") will be created and existing subscriptions will be moved there. This is an administrative task only; data/configuration of products will not be touched.
  • The existing customer account (the "old account") will be removed and inaccessible.
  • There will be a completely new account in the Customer Control Panel with
    • same personal data,
    • same subscriptions (no data loss),
    • new customer ID,
    • new login credentials,
    • no 2-factor authentication activated,
    • different prices in new currency,
    • clean payment history,
    • no invoices from the old account,
    • no account balance from the old account.


  • A payment method available for the new currency needs to be set by a customer.
  • All subscriptions will be moved to the new account. It is not possible to move just some subscriptions.
  • All subscriptions' prices will be changed to the new currency as indicated on the Contabo website. The tax rate will remain unchanged.
  • An administration fee of €27.50 / $33.00 / £28.60 (plus tax where applicable) applies, based on the currency of the old account.
  • The account balance will not be transferred to the new account. If there is money left on the balance after deducting the administration fee, it will be used to extend the subscription period accordingly. In rare case that there is a large amount on the balance it can be also returned to the customer.
  • The process is irrevocable. Changing currency again requires repeating the whole process, including paying administration fee once again.

Potential Extra Charges

Credit Card charges in USD($) and GBP(£) are still done by a German company which means that some payment providers may consider payments to Contabo as a foreign transaction and may charge extra fees on customer's side, even if there is no currency conversion.